Call for Contributed Mini-Symposia

A mini-symposium consists of a collection of thematically connected, 25-minute presentations, with an additional 5 minutes reserved for discussion at the end of each presentation. A mini-symposium can either have one session (4 speakers) or two sessions (8 speakers). Typically a mini-symposium is organized by two researchers (who can also be speakers in the mini-symposium). Speakers should be selected based on their current research contributions.

Prospective organizers of a mini-symposium are requested to submit a short proposal. The proposal should include the title of the mini-symposium, a short description, a list of speakers and a tentative title for each speaker. Please send this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 9th December 2018. A proposed mini-symposium should fit the scope of SciCADE and be of high quality. The proposals are reviewed by the organizing committee. The organizers of the mini-symposia will be notified by early January. SciCADE discourages mini-symposia where most of the speakers are from the same institution or which are not representative of the research field they cover.

Please also note that each delegate may organize only one mini-symposium.

Submission is closed.